Crossing Your Fingers

As an international couple, we’ve had many misunderstandings – most of them are funny like this one, though some have been a lot less funny.


In England, you cross your fingers to wish someone good luck. “I’m crossing my fingers for you!”. However, in Germany, if you say something and cross your fingers at the same time (the gesture), you are saying that you are lying, or don’t mean to stand by a promise you are making. For example, a German child would promise not to eat the chocolate, and cross their fingers behind their back (because they don’t mean it).

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Dealing with Jealousy when your Partner is Hundreds of Miles Away

I have never been a particularly jealous person – and then I met my fiancé. And we lived in different countries. Months after meeting him, I relocated to his country, but we were still attending universities in different cities and could only see each other on weekends. Then our graduate degrees took us to different countries yet again, and we could only see each other every 3 months or so. We’ve had plenty of tearful airport good byes, lonely nights and counting the days until we finally could be together again.


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Moving Abroad For Love

It was not an easy decision for either of us. My husband and I are from different countries and cultures, and we had been in a long distance relationship for the better part of a decade. A few months ago, we made the decision – together – that I would move to be with him.


I hope this blog will help me navigate this journey as I try to grow roots in a new life.