Checking In: The First Month



…and all of a sudden it’s been one month already. One month since I packed up and left, said goodbye for good, and moved abroad to join my husband. It’s been a busy month, but we accomplished a lot in terms of setting up our new life here. However, there are also many things that still need doing, and a lot of other stuff that has simply fallen by the wayside because we’ve been so busy.

Looking back at the last four weeks, I’m happy that I’ve got the basics set up. At least, pretty much. We have a place to life, bank and insurances sorted, we’re beginning to get to know the neighbours and are coming to terms with the lack of British food (no pasties. No cadburry’s. no proper sandwiches. Gah!). I feel a lot less like a stranger now and am beginning to focus more on the new fun things than on what is different (in a bad way) or what I’m missing.


There were times during the last month when I’ve gotten very frustrated with cultural differences. For instance, people tend to be a lot more formal with each other in Germany than they are in Britain. Yet I think I’m getting used to it and it begins to feel like home. For my second month, that is exactly what I want to focus on more: making it feel like home. Getting to meet more people, taking time sort out all those “less important” things and doing some fun stuff that is not moving related! The first month is always kind of hectic and can be overwhelming, but now that the dust is settling, I want to take some time to look at this new life abroad and see what room it offers for me to grow. Moving abroad is always a challenge, but also a chance to discover a new country and a new part of yourself.


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